About Us

Our Story

Văn Phòng Giới Trẻ/Vietnamese Catholic Youth Office (VPGT) is a part of the Vietnamese Catholic Community of the Diocese of Orange, California, reaching all Catholic youths in Southern California. Motivated by our faith in Christ, VPGT share the good news of God with young people to build relationships in faith at pivotal moments as well as having involved faith-based activities and spiritual awakening. VGPT is comprised of young individuals with common interest to respond to God’s calling to serve those who are less fortunate.


VPGT was founded on April 21, 1989 when a few youths and their Chaplain formed the very first VPGT meeting. Over the past 30 years, VPGT has grown into one of the longest lasting Vietnamese Catholic youth group in the United States.

Our Mission/Service Projects

Through VPGT, a lot of vital lessons get learned from participating in mission projects. As young people see the effect that their service has on their community, their faith will also increase. The youth will understand more and more that this is how Christ originally came to serve us in any capacity we needed, willingly, out of kindness and love.

Few examples of mission work VPGT participates in:

  • Visiting local homeless shelters to serve food or talk
  • Assembling and distributing care packages to the homeless
  • Participating in a food drive or going to a food bank to help with organization
  • Participating in a clothing drive
  • Fundraise for the less fortunate in 3rd  world countries
  • Visiting the juvenile hall
  • Visiting the nursing homes to keep the elder company

In addition to service projects, VPGT youths also connect in faith through:

  • Bible study meet up
  • Movie night
  • Tết celebration
  • Retreat events
  • Support one another in faith
  • …among many other fun events